Tuesday, 23 April 2013


I met Joseph Leech this morning. Joseph who is a director at 'biggreenfox' wanted to show me the game he has developed.

Joseph had seen some of the materials we have produced for the Cutlers' "Made in Sheffield" programme and wanted to show me his game which is called Career Detectives. Many schools are struggling with how they integrate careers education and guidance within their curriculum and this game has been designed to make links between educational subjects and future career opportunities and is intended to broaden young people’s horizons by educating them about the wide range of opportunities in the world of work.

Career Detectives looks really interesting and is targeted at both primary and secondary schools. The games and exercises can be run either in small groups or as whole class activities and integrates careers education and guidance with the maths, English and science curriculum. It also enhances and raises awareness of key skills including team work, communication, leadership, creativity and confidence.

To find out more or for further information about Career Detectives you can visit the 'biggreenfox' website at biggreenfox.com or you can contact Joseph at joseph@biggreenfox.com.

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