Tuesday, 30 June 2015


We have been working on the Cutlers' 'Made in Sheffield' programme for over three years and we are clearer now than ever, that these are the skills you need to be successful and that at the heart of success is discipline and particularly self-discipline. 

I have spent ages looking at the research behind success and the secrets to success have been published and discussed over and over again in countless research papers and books. That reading means that I am increasingly certain that the core of the problem is discipline, and the concept of delayed gratification which means that in order to reap the benefits we have to endure the tedium of repeated behaviours in the absence of immediate results...  bit like diet and exercise!

Success requires us to put aside a focus on ourselves to understand the importance of team and to focus carefully on the needs of others. It requires a passion for understanding emotions, for managing relationships, and a requirement to juggle your priorities, so that you can plan and organise your time so as to focus on what is important  and necessary, not on what you want to do and what is enjoyable. And most people seem to struggle to deal with this!

To be successful as a leader or a manager we need to respect the contribution of those whom we lead and those we rely on, because if we get this right it becomes less an act of duty, and more a labor of love, enabling you to to attend to the little things in your business that make it possible for your systems to excel. 

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