Monday, 18 January 2016


I have just finished reading 'Legacy 15 Lessons in Leadership' by James Kerr which explains what the All Blacks can teach us about the business of life. And it's great stuff...

It's well worth reading and it reaffirms the things that matter and the things w should be teaching our children about success in school, in work, in relationships and in life. It goes through the fifteen things we need to develop if we want to be successful in anything...

  • character
  • adaptability
  • having a sense of purpose
  • responsibility
  • learning
  • having high expectations
  • focusing on planning and preparation
  • managing presssure
  • being authentic
  • making sacrifices
  • developing a shared language
  • having rules and rituals
  • whanau... the Maori word for extended family
  • whakaapa... the Maori term for establishing, enhancing, and challenging relationships between individuals
  • leaving a legacy
It stresses the important of values, of belonging to something bigger, of relationships and the critical importance of symbols... wearing the tie, the shirt, the badge, the logo, the pin with pride and passion! Its interesting that these factors in one way or another have shaped my life over the last forty odd years and lie at everything I have done and achieved. They also interestingly lie at the heart of the successful Cutlers' 'Made in Sheffield' programme which is having such an impact in secondary schools across Sheffield. 

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