Wednesday, 24 May 2017


We need an SCR Vision which commits to a skills entitlement for all young people and which delivers high quality experiences of the world of work, business mentoring and careers and enterprise provision... elements that we know improve attendance, behaviour and attainment. 

 We need to create a coherent, strategic, sustainable and value for money approach which brings business and education together and one which connects with the SCR/LEP Skills Strategy! This could be Cutlers' 'Better Learners, Better Workers' programmes! However, whatever it is called, there is a real opportunity to start a conversation with the DfE/Government about how we address the issues facing schools, companies, the economy and communities: to drive up standards of teaching and learning, to drive up skills and attributes, to raise aspiration and expectation, to connect with parents and carers and to release the potential and talent currently underdeveloped and wasted in so many communities.

We have a unique set of partnerships here in the Sheffield City Region and a unique opportunity to sweep away the 'blizzard', 'join up the dots' and start working on an approach which could be the template for the future! We would be happy to continue the conversation with anyone and everyone who shares our passion and commitment and is, like me, desperate to get on and do it!

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