Friday, 23 October 2015


Whether you work in schools, hospitals, care homes or businesses you don't need to be constantly reminded about your failings, your mistakes and the things that go wrong... we are by are very nature reflective and thoughtful individuals.
Of course wherever you work you need to continue to constantly strive to do better.  We must all continue to work on driving cultural change, developing learning leadership, creating beautiful systems and establishing intelligent accountability. We must create a learning landscape which fosters excellence, ownership and discipline and delivers brilliant outcomes. We must all develop our skills, our abilities and our understanding and strive to work even better as a team. We must get rid of the excuses, the things that get in the way and the bureaucracy and simply focus on outcomes.

Remember that wherever you work or wherever you are, you are part of a unique, creative and innovative team. We must always challenge ourselves to do better and constantly refresh and rethink our offer, our materials, our partnerships and our ideas. Whatever you do is should be a passionate enterprise and we must continue to build trust, to listen, to smile, to act, to be positive, to be considerate and caring, to be brave and to always tell the truth.

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