Thursday, 15 October 2015


We know that we are preparing young people for a world of work that is constantly changing and that we are preparing them for jobs that don't exist yet, using technologies that haven't been invented, to address problems and challenges we don't really understand or know the answers to.

As we prepare students for a future where change itself is the only constant, we need to help develop young people who are adaptive, reflective, and confident. To do this, we must make change central to our curriculum and create opportunities for students to experience and respond to new contexts where they can develop attitudes and strategies that will help them succeed in a future marked by rapid change.
We need our young people to have great GCSE grades but we also need to create a workforce that has the skills and attributes to help us address the many challenges facing us... in engineering, in health, in care, in retail, in construction and in health and well-being. We need better learners and better workers who are team focused problem solvers and creative and imaginative thinkers with high levels of literacy and numeracy. We need to develop young people with character who are resilient, persistent and determined and who understand the importance of hard work. These skills and attributes lie at the heart of the employer-led Cutlers 'Made in Sheffield' programme and with our partners we have already reached around 300 young people who have been awarded the Cutlers 'Made in Sheffield' skills passport to recognise their unique skills alongside their great GCSE grades.

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