Friday, 16 October 2015


Yesterday evening I attended the launch event for the Cutlers 'Made in Sheffield' Construction and the Built Environment strand at Fir Vale School.

It was great to see so many parents and carers had made the time to be at Fir Vale School for the launch event. Miss Whyte, Made is Sheffield Project Leader at Fir Vale School, welcomed everyone to the event and Mike Garnock-Jones talked to the ambassadors about 'Made in Sheffield'. Company representatives then talked about their businesses and the programme they were arranging for the young people. This lucky group of young people are going to have access to a fantastic range of experiences that will develop their communication skills, their confidence, team work, problem solving and critical thinking. They will have opportunities to build their character become more determined, resilient and hard working. The icing on the cake was that each student received a pair of steel toe capped boots, a 'Made in Sheffield' high visibility jacket and a 'Made in Sheffield' hard hat for going on construction and building sites, and a goody bag which included Keepmoat's 'Cosy Colin' the tortoise.

17 Y9 students had applied to be Ambassadors on the programme which involves the following construction companies; BAM, Henry Boot Construction, Keepmoat, Kier and Sheffield Housing Company. A team from the various industries had previously worked with the students in the school on an activity which involved building a free standing structure using spaghetti and marshmallows. This was followed by each candidate having a short interview and because all the students showed such high potential the companies decided to enrol all the 17 applicants on the programme. Miss Whyte, Made is Sheffield Project Leader at Fir Vale School said, "the construction companies commented how well behaved the students were and what a credit they are to the school."

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