Friday, 2 October 2015


The Cutlers Company believe that the future is only going to be secured if we develop a 21st Century Learning Framework to drive our learning landscape. A framework built on 21st Century skills as well as subjects. 
The Cutlers’ Made in Sheffield (Better Learners, Better Workers) programme is a consistent and coherent, employer-led approach that develops, in young people, the skills needed for employability and the world of work. It reconnects schools and business/employers through Business Champions and builds relationships and an understanding of the world of work in schools. In simple terms, it provides: 
· Businesses with home grown talent which will allow them to grow; and 
· Young people with the skills they need to gain employment and be the best they can be!

We believe that every learner in the Sheffield City Region should have:
· the opportunity to develop the enterprise and employability skills that matter in the world of work, which are also the key drivers of success at school and in life;
· access to independent and impartial advice and guidance about the work opportunities that exist in their community, the wider Sheffield City Region and beyond;
· experience the world of work by the time they leave school/college/learning at the age of eighteen.

We believe that every 'Better Learner, Better Worker' school in the Sheffield City Region should have:
· a published and accessible policy detailing their learners curricular and extra-curricular entitlement to experiences of the world of work;
· a governor with oversight of the world of work provision;
· a senior leader with responsibility for the world of work provision;
· access to up to date, user friendly labour market intelligence/information and engagement in a network of provision sharing best practice and learning together.

If you want to find out more about the Cutlers’ Made in Sheffield (Better Learners, Better Workers) programme you can contact me at

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