Saturday, 6 May 2017


Throughout my working life things I have lived with constant and relentless change. Things have never stayed the same and I have been blessed to be living in a world where creativity, innovation and change have been constant factors.
Constant factors which have forced me to constantly review, re-imagine, rethink and refresh all aspects of what I am doing. To stop doing the things that don't make a difference, to further refine and develop the ones that do and to find new and more effective ways of improving outcomes. This constant questioning, reviewing and re-imagining has helped me to cope with change but also made me much more responsive to critical feedback and new ideas. Creativity, ideas and innovation are crucial to any organisation because if creativity disappears within organisations, schools and teams, we initially stand still but, very quickly the world passes you by as new ideas, new techniques and new strategies drive standards and outcomes onwards and upwards. Leadership really matters here because unless the team working in the organisation have the ongoing and explicit backing of leaders, creativity, innovation and ideas disappear. Individuals can generate all the good ideas in the world but without constructive learning leadership committed to creativity, innovation and imagination you can forget it. Research suggests that leadership for creativity is just an important as having creative and imaginative people in the first place. Like with everything else creativity and innovation starts and finishes with the leaders of an organisation who must model the way and develop and support ideas wherever they come from. The sign on every leaders door must say 'just do it!'

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