Monday, 19 May 2014


I have had some great meetings today with colleagues, schools and employers keen to be involved in the next phase of Made in Sheffield'.

We are developing five additional strands to the programme for next September and the energy and enthusiasm shown by school colleagues, and the business sectors, is evidence that the programme has hit  the right spot and can really meet the need to develop work-ready young people with the skills, abilities and character needed in the world of work.

From September, we will have schools and students on the existing programmes linked to:

  • engineering and advanced manufacturing;
  • the glass industry, 
  • the NHS Teaching Hospitals Foundation Trust;
  • The Sheffield Children's Hospital;
  • the retail sector;
  • computer science and the digital industries.
And, schools and students on the new programmes linked to:
  • BMI Thornbury Hospital;
  • the adult care sector;
  • the arts and cultural sector;
  • the sport, health and well-being sector;
  • HM Revenues and Customs.

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