Thursday, 8 May 2014


People constantly tell me that things are too hard, too difficult, too complicated and that only very special, very talented and very clever people can do these things... like physics! I started my teaching career as a physics teacher and I am still passionate about the subject and how it is taught...

It's funny that people think physics is hard, that mathematics is hard, that brilliant is hard; excuses, excuses, excuses. Everything I have read and seen and learn't over the last ten, fifteen, twenty, twenty five years working across the country has taught me that nothing is hard if it is taught properly, that nothing is impossible; that all things are possible if you believe. 

You can deliver brilliant physics or brilliant mathematics or brilliant outcomes wherever you are, all you need is the right attitude and the right toolkit. I am teaching some A Level physics again now and I love it and it's no harder than any other subject on the curriculum. But, we have been persuaded that subjects like mathematics and physics are harder to learn about, harder to teach and harder when it came to tests and examinations. It's all nonsense of course and in the hands of  a great teachers like Richard Feynman or Brian Cox or me physics is simply magic. 

Our job as educators is to make the subject come alive and to inspire young people to love the subject and want to become physicists, mathematicians and engineers.

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