Friday, 30 May 2014


Another half-term draws to the end and we face another half-term at the end of another school year; a half-term full of tests, assessments and examinations, a half-term where we celebrate the achievements and successes of yet another cohort of children and young people and a half-term full of challenges about how we move forwards with education and learning.

Education is once again at a cross-roads and we are likely to be at the heart of the election campaign, which will pick up in the new school year. We need to develop a new inclusive approach to excellence; one that includes all schools and all young people.
We need an educational manifesto that raises the game and builds consensus and a shared approach. We need to end this fragmented and broken system and build world-class outcomes through teamwork, collaboration and high quality teaching and learning for all.
We need learning leadership, beautiful systems and intelligent accountability at every level and locked into local democratic systems to recognise that schools do not exist in isolation but are integral and vital elements of the communities they serve.

nteresting times ahead! Enjoy this half-term!

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