Thursday, 26 May 2016


It is encouraging that employers and businesses in the Sheffield City Region recognise that we need to strengthen the relationships between employers and schools, academies and colleges and boost the number, range and quality of experiences of the world of work and work placements available for all young people and particularly for those achieving average or lower than average GCSE grades. 

We need to put in place a world of work entitlement to help and support every young person, in the Sheffield City Region, on their journey to a successful working life and we need to start early! We need to ensure that all young people have opportunities to meet people who will inspire them, to visit and experience workplaces that will ignite their passion and see things that will help them to connect their day-to-day and school learning to the world of work. We need to provide opportunities for young people to undertake real 'world of work' projects that will stretch and challenge them to achieve more and to aim higher. And we need to ensure that every young person experiences impartial, personalised and reliable careers and employability support from a wide range of sources.

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