Monday, 28 February 2011

It's all about culture!

People constantly tell me that things are impossible and the more I visit other places the more I realise what we had at Education Leeds. These are the things I learned...
  • This is a co-operative, collaborative team game and we must all be team players.
  • Command and control doesn't work and we must dump the power and the control freaks.
  • We must share everything through our learning networks.
  • We must develop openness and transparency so that everything is available to everyone.
  • “Integrated joined up solutions” should underpin our culture.
  • We should partner with the “best” and share with the rest.
  • Remember all schools are created equal and all schools can contribute equally!
  • Remember professionalism and excellence are the watchwords.
  • We must all invest in re-wiring our organisations.
  • We must all live the Team Learning Brand.
  • We must become fans of co-operation and partnership.
  • We must all use the words “partner”, "team", "we" and "us".
  • We should obsessively seek and support inclusion.
  • We must work on team identity and solidarity.

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