Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Coach, practice and learn...

What is it about our teachers, our colleagues, our schools, our authorities that means that we perform so poorly when compared to the best in Europe let alone the best in the world?

I've been to Singapore and Finland and Sweden and colleagues elsewhere appear to be no cleverer, no more skilful or talented and no more effective than our colleagues. Young people elsewhere appear to be very much the same as our young people. Parents and carers want the same for their children the world over.  I have been to some incredible learning places recently in Leeds and in the West Midlands and everywhere and wherever colleagues are releasing the magic they are trusted and empowered and well trained and supported... brilliant colleagues working in schools and classrooms releasing the magic and delivering brilliant outcomes.

We all know, that the quality of the teaching and learning team lies at the heart of brilliant learning and research has shown that there is a fourfold difference between the most effective and least effective classrooms and that ensuring greater consistency is one of our greatest challenges. We must therefore invest in our learning teams; our teachers and classroom assistants, who must be the best learners in their classroom because children pick up 'learning' by example as much as anything else.

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