Friday, 11 February 2011

There is no such thing as genius!

Well perhaps a tiny bit if I am pushed, but research shows us that success is 30% coaching, teaching, mentoring and supporting and 70% hard work...

So 'I’m not clever enough' is simply an excuse for the lazy and those not prepared to put in the effort.
There are no excuses. Attitude is the force that matters. We all of us have great minds, great talents and great potential… you might not believe it yet but understanding this means that you will be able to achieve so much more. We all know people who have been dealt the worst possible deals in life. People who have been abused, locked up, bullied and oppressed still succeed. Just look at Nelson Mandela, who when he was elected as President of South Africa he told the people of South Africa that they were all brilliant, talented, gorgeous and wonderful.

FACT You are all brilliant, talented, gorgeous and wonderful but it’s your choice and there are no excuses.

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