Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Hovingham Primary School

I visited Hovingham Primary School this afternoon...

It is a simply extraordinary learning place and I had been invited to their Mathletics celebrations. Matheletics is a commercial on-line website which aims to help develop maths learning and motivation. The children are set goals and achieve gold, silver and bronze certificates. Jane told me that the children have never been so keen on doing maths and that she is amazed at how excited and motivated the children were by the scheme. You can find out more about the scheme by visiting their website at www.mathletics.co.uk.

Janet Spence, the headteacher, and Jane Fisher, who leads the work on Mathletics, have created an extraordinary culture focused on hard work and positive attitudes. These celebrations brought powerfully alive by the whole school's singing and the positive psychology that surrounds every aspect of their work. Jayne Warburton, the CEO of Mathletics uk had come up from Bristol to award the school with the first Mathletics Center of Excellence award.

She explained that the school had achieved more than any other Mathletics school in Leeds,Yorkshire, England, Europe and the world! What an achievement for a primary school serving this rich, diverse community at the heart of Harehills. A school making a real difference!


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