Friday, 11 February 2011

Fair Society, Healthy LIves

Today is the first anniversary of the publication of 'Fair Society, Healthy Lives'...

This was the results of a year long independent review into health inequalities in England which Professor Sir Michael Marmot was asked to chair by the Secretary of State for Health. This week the London Health Observatory and the Marmot Review Team published new baseline figures
for some of the key indicators of health, health outcomes and social inequality and they make stark but interesting reading. The report states that education and child development are the keys to good health outcomes and well-being and that investing in the early years is the best way to achieve value for money. Interestingly the report agues that we can do something about this and we must make sure that our young children attain good levels of behaviour and understanding by the time they are five. To find out more and to see the results you can visit the London Health Observatory website at

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