Wednesday, 23 February 2011


I was reminded today that what we do is a co-operative and collaborative thing and that brilliantly talented people want and need to be part of something bigger where they are making a real difference...

The Children's Society or Teach First provide a club where extraordinary people can come together and share and learn.
A colleague this evening talked about her visit to a 'Teach for America' event where she felt that she was part of cult. The thing is that what we do is about passion, commitment, determination, persistence and hard work to release the magic in our children. It is a bit like a religion and by sharing our love of learning and showing them that they have enormous potential in the hands of a talented teacher children do remarkable things. An average child spending three years with great teachers becomes a great learner but you can guess what happens if that same child spends three years with bog standard teachers... they become a real problem!

It's about culture and values and beliefs and the art of the impossible. We know how to do this and we must continue to share the toolkit, share the creative ideas, share the magic... whatever it takes!
Join a cult, join a club. Connect,  engage and share your passion. And if you don't know what the toolkit looks like simply get in touch!

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