Sunday, 6 February 2011

We need to do more!

We know that schools serving our most challenging communities are doing some incredible things but if we want to achieve significantly better outcomes we need to do things differently...

To deliver significantly better outcomes we must create brilliant learning places that provide young people with more time to learn throughout the year. We should make the most of school and out-of-school time by offering safe, structured, and stimulating environments for school-age children from early morning until late... from breakfast at 7.30 through structured programmes of literacy, numeracy and ICT supported by programmes that develop personal and social skills alongside music, arts and sports programmes. We also understand that young people who are healthy, well-fed, and physically fit can learn better and concentrate in class and we must also promote children's health and wellbeing through improved nutrition and fitness. At the same time we must also aim to treat parents as genuine partners and provide them with information and support they need to be the best possible parents they can be, answering questions about child development, as well as helping them deal with issues around homework, behaviour, and self-esteem through programmes like STEPS.

Is there anyone doing this?

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