Wednesday, 9 February 2011

What do you believe in?

We must continue to nurture and support our learning teams to ensure that they continue to deliver for our children and young people; so that every child is a reader and can count by seven, every child is a brilliant little learner by eleven and every young person is on a pathway to success by sixteen; whatever it takes! 
We need to ensure that we stay true to our beliefs about learning and stop chasing the latest DfE initiative, the latest big idea from Michael Gove's team. We mustn't end up 'painting by numbers' in a world monitored, policed and controlled by the 'bean' counters, the 'keep within the line' checkers and the 'weigh the pig' consultants and we must avoid being trapped in a viscious spiral of negativity, of 'it's not good enough', 'let's do something else', 'let's create another initiative', 'let's get more consultants' and 'let's make sure that we find someone to blame'. 

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