Monday, 15 November 2010

As one door closes another opens...

We all know that we face some enormous challenges over the next few months and years...
Uncertainty is everywhere as we wrestle with structures, budgets, reorganisations and general uncertainty about the future. We need to get organised, to be more consistent, to improve our management, to sort out the paperwork and to spend more time doing the really important stuff. We need to set our priorities, stop doing things that don't make a difference, discipline ourselves to do the strategic stuff, delegate more, get others to do things and work harder. Everyone's talking about these challenges, but wherever I look there is talent; optimism; hope; and extraordinary people, places and provision.

We all know the keys to brilliant: people, leadership, teamwork, attitude, trust, determination, commitment, partnership, ownership and engagement. We must continue to build extra-ordinary learning places for all our children and young people.
Keep the faith!

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