Tuesday, 8 January 2013


People constantly tell me that things are impossible but the more I visit outstanding places and meet incredible colleagues and young people the more I realise that anything is possible. These are the things I have learned...

  • People want the opportunity to be part of something special and do something memorable.
  • Everything we do should be about pursuing and developing excellence.
  • Every member of your team matters and has a contribution to make.
  • We should pick partners based on their ability to co-operate and work in partnership.
  • We should talk partnership and value-added at every opportunity.
  • We need to nurture creative and innovative “projects”.
  • We must support and reward cooperation and partnership working.
  • To improve and develop your new culture small is beautiful and teams should be formed to deal with issues.
  • We must make it normal to be “working together.”
  • Blame should not be part of your culture.
  • Losing, like winning, is a team affair.
We all know that success doesn't come in can'ts it comes in cans and we simply need to change the culture and get people to believe; to believe in themselves and to believe in our children and young people and our colleagues. 

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