Thursday, 31 January 2013


I was at the Brinsworth Academy of Engineering again this afternoon meeting with the third group of young Ambassadors, from the four schools involved in the Cutlers' "Made in Sheffield" Project, for the next day of their Cutlers' "Made in Sheffield" Ambassadors Programme.
Tuesday's group were planning how to use the space at the Blue Shed. Wednesday's group were looking at how to manage the programme for the 'Get Up to Speed' event which is part of the Sheffield Global Manufacturing Festival in April. Today the last group were looking at marketing and publicity and how we could ensure that the audience for 'Get Up to Speed' exceeds the 1001 people who attended the 2012 event! It was great to meet these young people again and to work with them as they thought about how we would attract young people, their parents and carers, businesses and VIPs to attend 'Get Up to Speed' on 17th April.

The 'Get Up to Speed' event provides a unique opportunity for the Ambassadors to develop the Cutlers' "Made in Sheffield" skills through planning, organising and delivering this important element of the Global Manufacturing Festival! What was clear after three afternoons with these wonderful young Ambassadors is that 'Get Up to Speed' 2013 is going to be brilliant! Watch this space!!

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