Tuesday, 12 March 2013


The challenges we face in education today focus for me on three aspects: learning leadership, beautiful systems and intelligent accountability. Wherever I go what we see are not issues with failure but issues with consistency and we need to capture, celebrate and share the magic while we build trust, autonomy, high expectations and school to school and teacher to teacher partnerships within a clear simple strategic framework. 
BETT Award Winner 2008
One system that helps schools pull all this together is bluewave.SWIFT which started life as the 'Quality Standards Framework'; developed by teachers in Leeds as a common language to describe the learning journey schools were on in their search for brilliant.
bluewave.SWIFT is an amazingly powerful, versatile and flexible online system which supports self-evaluation, school development planning, performance management and preparing for our friends from OFSTED and the local authority.... all in one.

Importantly, it helps schools, governors, head teachers, senior leadership teams and teachers and support staff,  identify their strengths, weaknesses and the areas where they need support and then to share this through a powerful school improvement toolkit. It connects information and documents across these aspects to support schools on their journey to brilliant and to cut out bureaucracy and duplication of effort. bluewave.SWIFT is already a success having won the BETT Award in 2008 in the category of Supporting Institutional Leadership and Management Solutions. It is even more valuable today as local authority school improvement teams disappear and we all search for reassurance and consistency. If you want to find out more about this beautiful system you can visit the bluewave.SWIFT website at www.bluewaveswift.com

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