Monday, 11 March 2013

IMPORTANT DATE FOR THE DIARY: International Day of Happiness!

The United Nations have designated 20th March as International Day of Happiness.

The United Nations General Assembly has passed the resolution above appointing the equinox day 20 March as International Day of Happiness. The resolution was motivated by ‘the need for a more inclusive, equitable and balanced approach to economic growth that promoted sustainable development and poverty eradication, and the happiness and wellbeing of all people.' The proposal for International Happiness Day came from Bhutan, which has created a Gross National Happiness index based on the Alkire-Foster methodology of multidimensional measurement, which was adapted for the purpose. The GNH index includes both traditional areas of socio-economic concern such as living standards, health and education, and less traditional aspects of culture and psychological wellbeing.

To celebrate the day, Action for Happiness have launched an exciting Day of Happiness campaign with Cheers and other fantastic partner organisations. Together they are encouraging people all around the world to ACT: 
A: Affirm the pledge - make a personal pledge to try to create more happiness in the world
C: Cheer 'Happy Heroes' - celebrate the people who bring happiness to you and others
T: Take part - do something to mark the day and spread happiness

Creating a happier society requires action at all levels - not just from political leaders and institutions but also from us as individual citizens. When we do things to bring happiness to others, everyone benefits.

How you can get involved? Everyone can play a part in making the International Day of Happiness a success and raising the profile of this vitally important topic. Here are a few ideas:
  • Get the word out - tell your friends about the day, add a link to from your site, share on social media 
  • Get it trending - use our Twitter hashtags #happyday (to share what you're up to) and #happyheroes (to nominate your own heroes who bring happiness to others) 
  • Get active - organise a local event or join an existing one, whether it's a film screening, flash mob, get together or anything else! 

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