Tuesday, 28 April 2015


The annual Get Up To Speed event was held at The Magna Science Adventure Centre on April 22nd. 

Organised by The Work-wise Foundation and Very Creative Ltd this year’s “Get Up To Speed” affectionately known as GUTS, has broken all records with over 1,850 visitors, exhibitors and attractions.“60 local companies and organisations joined us at GUTS with interactive stands keen to show their apprenticeship opportunities as well as the plethora of different jobs and a careers there are in engineering and manufacturing in the region” said John Barber co-founder of the work-wise Foundation.
“In addition we had a vast array of different attractions demonstrating to young people the impact that science, technology, engineering and maths has in our world, ranging from virtual welding, mind controlled quad copters, the Delorean car, featured in ‘Back to the Future’ 1980’s film, a full sized aircraft being built by students, Formula racing simulators, speedway, electric and hydrogen fuelled cars and much more. We even had a Dalek built by an Apprentice! It was an amazing experience seeing hundreds of young people queuing to get into the event, all eager to meet employers and apprentices!”
 Speaking at the event Master Cutler, David Grey MBE said “I can only describe this as the best careers event for young people I’ve ever attended. It's letting them see that not only is engineering and manufacturing a good career choice, it’s an exciting career choice and an interesting career choice. The excitement is palpable, its fantastic and the great thing is - this is the private sector getting together and making the decision we need to attract young people into our sector because we are growing” Steve Wainwright, Chairman of Yorkshire Region, Institute of Mechanical and one of the sponsors of the event commented; “ Here in the Yorkshire Region we have a proud manufacturing heritage, and still lead the world in many areas of manufacturing and engineering technology. By helping young people understand the wide variety of careers available, and above all, reassure them that manufacturing is alive, kicking and thriving in the area, Get Up To Speed will contribute to the production of a new wave of engineering talent that will go some way towards helping to plug some of the skills gaps we face going forward.”
This is the first year that this highly acclaimed careers event has been held in Rotherham at Magna Science Adventure Centre and the venue proved to be a perfect fit with the ambition of the event in promoting that the region still has an exceptionally successful engineering and manufacturing base, built from our heritage spanning hundreds of years. Sponsor Mick Hood, HR Director for Tata Steel said “Tata Steel has supported Get up to Speed ever since its inception and continue to see its importance in raising awareness among young people, teachers and parents of the exciting opportunities on offer by choosing an engineering or science-based career.” Additional sponsors Brinsworth Training, also partnered with Brinsworth Comprehensive school to take part in the work-wise Made in Sheffield Innovation Competition, which is judged at GUTS, commented that both the Innovation competition and the event is part of their commitment to attract and prepare young people for apprenticeship opportunities. The innovation competition sees local companies buddying with local schools, presenting them with a real business challenge or opportunity, which they work on together and present their work to a panel of judges from the business community. This year’s competition winner was Bradfield School partnered with President Engineering Group Ltd.
“Next year’s Get Up To Speed is already being planned and will be hosted once again at Magna on 20th April” said Jackie Freeborn, co-founder of the work-wise Foundation. “It is a huge amount of work, but worth it to see so many young people, schools and parents working with local employers. It’s a fantastic thing for the region and particularly for Rotherham and as Chair of Women in Business for the Barnsley and Rotherham Chamber of Commerce I was also delighted to see so many girls attending the event. This is a fantastic example of local companies working together to improve the 
life and work chances for young people. No-one could ever say that young people aren’t positive and enthusiastic about work if they had attended the event – we are hugely proud of the way that education, employers and other partners have worked together to deliver such a rewarding event.”
The event also attracted a large number of VIPs as well as The Master Cutler David Grey MBE, the Lord Mayor of Sheffield and the Mayor Lady Mayoress of Rotherham. 
Anyone interested in getting involved in next year’s Get Up To Speed event please contact John Barber or Jackie Freeborn at the work-wise Foundation.  John@work-wise.co.uk; Jackie@work-wise.co.uk

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