Monday, 13 April 2015


It's sad that education hasn't really featured in the election to date and that people seem so much more interested in other things when education is the key to success in everything else.
Many people I know share this compelling vision of a great school where every young person is a reader, writer and counter by eight, a brilliant little learner by eleven and becomes an independent learner following their own personalised learning programme through secondary education and on into college, university, the world of work and adult life. To drive this challenging and ambituous agenda we must develop learning leadership in every school, assessment for learning in every classroom alongside powerful learning to learn strategies and the use of new technologies. We also need a relevant, rewarding and engaging curriculum where knowledge and skills sit side by side, underpinned by new models of intelligent accountability and supported by a strong commitment to workforce development, effective advice and guidance, mentoring and coaching.

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