Friday, 17 April 2015


Another round of school allocations where parents and carers are unhappy with the school they have been given for their child, reminds us that we need develop a coherent systemic approach to help every school become a great school. And importantly, we need to develop learning leadership. beautiful systems and intelligent accountability!

Interestingly, but not surprising really, my visits to the schools I know and love in York, Leeds, Lincoln, Sheffield, Nottingham and Guernsey clearly show that what we do is a team game. That even great schools need relationships with other schools, even great headteachers need relationships with other headteachers and even great teachers need relationships with other teachers. Headteachers and teachers I know want to belong to something or work with someone that can provide strategic leadership, allow them to be part of something bigger and connect them with something with the same values, beliefs and moral purpose. We all need a framework within which we can see the bigger picture, the connections, the outcomes and the impact we are making on the young people, their families and the communities we serve.

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