Wednesday, 19 April 2017


With the new financial year upon us, everyone is complaining that there isn't enough money to fund the NHS, social care, schools, roads... everything needs more money. And now we face an election in June where the real issues facing the country will be drowned out by the arguments over 'Brexit'!!
We need to make some promises to our children and young people and we need a plan that builds on and draws from the evidence, the research and what we've learned about what works and that can be financed within the shrinking schools budget. We must also stop grumbling about things and get on with it! We should welcome the removal of the bureaucracy we've all struggled with, welcome and positively engage with the reviews of so many aspects of provision and practice, welcome the increased challenge and competition we face on a fair and equitable basis, and we must network, share and learn from the very best practice we can find wherever it is. We must ensure that we harness new technologies and join cooperative and collaborative networks so that every school's resources can be focused and targeted on the journey ahead.

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