Wednesday, 25 January 2012

The Peter Jones Enterprise Academy!

I visited the Peter Jones Enterprise Academy at The Sheffield College this afternoon.
I had been invited by Andrew Sale, Programme Manager Enterprise and Employability
at The Sheffield College. Andrew had attended one of my sessions on the Cutlers 'Made in Sheffield' Curriculum and wanted to let me see the outstanding work being done at the Enterprise Academy.

I met a wonderful group of young people on the Level 3 programme who talked passionately about the need for a different skills-based work-related approach to the curriculum that started early with a strong emphasis on enterprise and project-based learning. They were all supportive of the approach we were taking with the Cutlers project and thought it would engage more young people and encourage them to see enterprise, engineering and advanced manufacturing as exciting pathways to success and employment.

I also had the opportunity to visit the city spa, bakery, patisserie, kitchens, restaurant and the aviation academy. It was great to see where I could get my haircut for £1.60 or free on a Tuesday! I could also have stayed for Burns Night supper with haggis, tatties and neeps. It was a real privilege to meet some award winning chefs whose passion and energy was fantastic; one working on a Nestle project and another with Heston Blumenthal!

I was really grateful to Andrew for providing me with the opportunity to talk to so many people and to learn about the outstanding work join on at the College. It was a simply brilliant afternoon!

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