Sunday, 29 January 2012

My Extended Family!

I have been thinking about some of the other extraordinary, unique and fabulous individuals who all made a real difference as part of the Education Leeds team over the ten years this fantastic experiment lasted.
There were thousands of ordinary, yet extraordinary, colleagues who were part of the story that was Education Leeds... far too many to mention them all but at the top people like Peter Ridsdale, Leslie Wagner, Stephen Parkinson, Parin Bahl, Ian Harrison, Mike Viner, Deborah Absalom, Ruth Baldwin, Sonia Sharp, Richard Stiff, Ros Vahey, David Dickinson and Dirk Gilleard really helped me develop and grow over the last ten years. However it was closer to the front line where an army of incredible human beings really made the greatest difference working with 265 school teams full of magic, potential and possibility if only you could see it! And, as one team we established a unique culture built on passion, persistence, trust, empowerment, engagement, performance and getting things done. It's funny but I really miss being with these people and just spending time with some of these people recently and visiting some of the schools reminded me why Education Leeds became a 'Times 100' best company! I'll get round to writing the book one of these days!

After all, when it comes down to it the only things that really matter are faith, family and community and these wonderful individuals, alongside so many others, were and still are my extended family!


  1. And you are part of our extended family too Chris. Was chatting about you today and how you constantly inspire others to make things the very best we can. Love Ali

  2. Aint that the truth! You really dont know what you have got until its gone. There have been some brilliant senior managers. We especially miss you, Dave and Dirk x


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