Friday, 6 January 2012


My wonderful colleague Dirk Gilleard taught me a long time ago that for any organization to succeed it must develop a coaching culture that is constantly, relentlessly and uncompromisingly asking us to stretch and develop to be our brilliant best. 
Excellence doesn't just happen. We must coach colleagues to be their brilliant best and achieve outstanding things... and it starts with an understanding that everyone has the potential to achieve and we must begin by thinking the best of them. Only then can we raise and stretch our colleagues understanding of their uniqueness, their strength, their potential and their talent. By appreciating, supporting and caring we can help colleagues overcome the limitations they have imposed upon themselves, and help them see and develop the possibilities and opportunities available to them. We live in a world of celebrity where we are led to believe that their are special 'gifted and talented' ones and the rest of us. This simply isn't true and great coaches leave a legacy of people who know they are unique, have unique strengths and unique abilities, and, as a result, reach beyond what they believed was possible. Dirk through his work over years and years taught me that great coaching is a relationship that sees colleagues potential not their limitations. Sees colleagues at their very best; challenges them to examine their own unique gifts, talents and aspirations and, importantly, holds them accountable to achieve their brilliant best.

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