Wednesday, 25 January 2012

'Choosing the wrong drivers for whole system reform'

In his paper on the drivers for whole system reform Michael Fullan says that "In the rush to move forward, leaders, especially from countries that have not been progressing, tend to choose the wrong drivers. Such ineffective drivers fundamentally miss the target."
"There are four main ‘wrong driver’ culprits that I discuss with their matched pairs that refer to the more effective alternative. In all cases choosing a combination of the drivers makes matters significantly worse (or better). The culprits are:

  • accountability: using test results,and teacher appraisal, to reward or punish teachers and schools vs capacity building;
  • individual teacher and leadership quality: promoting individual vs group solutions; 
  • technology: investing in and assuming that the wonders of the digital world will carry the day vs instruction;
  • fragmented strategies vs integrated or systemic strategies." 

Michael Fullan ' Choosing the wrong drivers for whole system reform'

Once again we have clear research-based evidence that we should be developing intelligent accountability, trusted, empowered and passionate teams, a focus on brilliant teaching and a coherent, joined-up systemic vision for learning. Let's hope those advising Michael Gove are listening!

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