Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Bradfield School

I visited Bradfield School in Sheffield this morning after being stuck on the M1 for nearly two hours after a crash at Junction 37. I was visiting Bradfield School to meet David Conway, Headteacher, and Ian Gilbert, Assistant Headteacher, Learning and Curriculum,  to talk to them about the Cutlers Education Project and to hear about the work they are doing on STe3M; where the e3 means engineering, enterprise and the environment. 

Bradfield School is a highly successful school on the northern outskirts of Sheffield and it was great to talk to David and Ian about the Cutlers project and the work we are doing to co-create a new competencies and curriculum framework supported by a learning and skills passport which would provide young people 'Made in Sheffield' with quality assured routes and pathways through school, college and university to work, a career, a vocation or an enterprise. David and Ian's passion, energy and enthusiasm for learning sits alongside a focused and rigorous approach to data and accountability and is driving further improvement and taking the school on its journey from 'good to great'. With their colleagues, David and Ian have developed a coaching culture at Bradfield School and they have also mapped out the STe3M skills across the curriculum focusing on problem solving, team work and participation, thinking creatively and independent learning.  Great stuff!

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