Monday, 30 January 2012

'Made in Sheffield'

The challenge we all face wherever we live, work or play is to build a learning landscape that nurtures, supports, coaches and creates young people we can all be proud of.

And there is nothing to suggest that young people here in this country aren't as gifted and talented and haven't just as much potential as young people in Shanghai, Singapore or Helsinki. There are hundreds of thousands of young people made in Leeds, made in Nottingham, made in York, made in North Yorkshire and 'Made in Sheffield' with the potential to become extraordinary. Young people with character, passion, persistence, determination and grit. Young people who understand that success isn't going to come through winning the lottery or the X-Factor but through sheer hard work... 10,000 hours is what it takes to be as good as Andy Murray or Rory McIlroy or Adele or Brian Cox... and there is no quick fix! The encouraging thing is that there is nothing to stop anyone from dedicating their life to become outstanding and there is nothing that says that it can't be you!

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