Wednesday, 20 December 2017


The DfE have published their long awaited Careers Strategy...
"Excellent careers guidance makes sure there is equality of opportunity . It unlocks potential and transform s outcomes for people of all ages. Evidence suggests that effective and impartial careers provision is particularly important for students from working class backgrounds. We need to move towards a culture of having the right advice, in the right place, at the right time – backed up by the experiences with employers and educators that make a difference. Yet students from disadvantaged groups, and those who are unsure of their aspirations, have been shown to be the least likely to receive careers guidance .

We want:
  • all young people to understand the full range of opportunities available to them, to learn from employers about work and the skills that are valued in the workplace and to have first-hand experience of the workplace; 
  • all young people in secondary school and college to get an excellent programme of advice and guidance that is delivered by individuals with the right skills and experience; 
  • everyone to get support tailored to their circumstances. All adults should be able to access free face-to- ace advice, with more bespoke support for those who most need it; 
  • everyone to get the information they need to understand the job and career opportunities available, and how their knowledge and skills can help them in considering suitable careers. 
This document explains how we will bring together all the different elements of our careers system to deliver significant improvements for people of all ages . High-quality education, information, advice and guidance should help people to:
  • understand their options and different path s to work, to plan the steps they need to take, and to get from where they are to where they want to go ; 
  • be inspired about new opportunities they might not have known about (or that might not exist yet), or thought they could not achieve; 
  • understand their own knowledge and skills and how they can be used in the workplace ; 
  • get, hold and progress in a job, whatever their age, ab ility or background; 
  • increase the amount they earn across their working lives; 
  • improve their well - being through doing a job they are good at and enjoy. " 

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