Thursday, 15 December 2011

The future is what you make it!

"Life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets. So love the people who treat you right, forget about the ones who don’t and believe that everything happens for a reason. If you get a chance, take it. If it changes your life, let it. Nobody said that it’d be easy, they just promised it would be worth it."

However you look at it 2011 has been a great year with successes, surprises,  brilliant stories and shared adventures!
I have spent the year with some extraordinary colleagues in Leeds, Nottingham and Sheffield, visited some amazing schools, made some new friends and importantly worked hard to keep in touch with old ones. I know it has also been a hugely challenging year for many friends and colleagues looking for new opportunities and places where they could continue to make a difference.

It feels strange because this is the first time I have done Christmas without being part of something extraordinary; part of a team changing the learning landscape, re-imagining learning and reaching out to the hardest to teach and the hardest to reach! However,  I still want to wish anyone who bothers to read this, and those you love and care about, delight and simplicity, foolishness and fantasy and noise, angels and miracles and wonder, and innocence and magic this Christmas. Have a great time… be happy, keep healthy, stay safe and always remember that the future is what you make it!

Best wishes for 2012.
Keep the faith!

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  1. Hi Chris

    I can't believe its been 12 months since you were with us. It has been a really challenging year. I think I may have change fatigue!!

    But there have been some great times too. The dedication, passion and hard work of colleagues never ceases to amaze me.

    I hope you and your family have a fabulous christmas. Here's to a great 2012

    Best wishes Jo


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