Thursday, 9 May 2013


"One of the major advantages of project work is that it makes school more like real life."
Sylvia Chard, University of Alberta

I had a great day yesterday in Sheffield and spent the day with some brilliant colleagues...

The day involved discussions with colleagues in Sheffield City Council and a great session at Hillsborough College looking at how we develop the project based learning element of the Cutlers' "Made in Sheffield" programme. It was wonderful to hear about the work colleagues were developing and particularly to hear about the fantastic project-based learning going on at Sheffield College and Yewlands Technology College. Project-based learning is a dynamic approach to teaching in which students explore real-world problems and challenges and Yewlands is building an approach rooted in the work developed by colleagues at High Tech High in San Diego. California. Both Yewlands and Sheffield College are working on this type of active and engaged learning believing that their students are inspired to obtain a deeper knowledge of the subjects they're studying through this more holistic approach. Edutopia have a fantastic range of free resources to support project-based learning where you can also look at some of the research supporting this kind of approach to learning. The study guide above is one of many available free from their website at

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