Saturday, 25 May 2013


We all live in a world of constant change; of constant criticism, negativity, reviews and inspections and we all need to wear the t-shirt.... 

Another half-term in another brilliant year! It's hard to believe that another school year is almost over and what is impressive is the way that this year colleagues in York, Sheffield, Leeds, Nottingham and Guernsey, where I have been working, have continued to release a very special magic, despite the criticism and negativity that surrounds us all. 
It's easy to forget within this national culture of criticism, failure and negativity, that wherever you really look, colleagues are doing the  BRILLIANT, the EXCEPTIONAL and the DIFFERENT... so much of what I have seen this year has been innovative, creative and simply wonderful. Remember to think about the special things you and your colleagues have achieved... examples where you have helped release the magic and created that WOW factor! Make a list and pin it on the wall to remind you through the dark times that working in schools with young people is simply fantastic.
We don't need to be constantly reminded about our failings, our mistakes and the things that go wrong... we are by are very nature reflective and thoughtful individuals. And, of course we need to continue to do better; to deliver high challenge, brilliant support and quality services to our young people, our colleagues and all the organisations we work with so that the children and young people we serve are happy, healthy, safe and successful... whatever it takes. We must all continue to work on driving cultural change, learning leadership, beautiful systems and intelligent accountability. creating a learning landscape which fosters excellence, ownership and discipline and delivers brilliant outcomes. We must all develop our skills, our abilities and our understanding and strive to work even better as a team. We must get rid of the excuses, the things that get in the way and the bureaucracy and simply focus on outcomes.

Remember that you are part of a unique, creative and innovative team of educators in this country and across the world. We must always challenge ourselves to do better and constantly refresh our offer, our materials, our partnerships and our ideas. This is above all a passionate enterprise and we must continue to build trust, to listen, to smile, to act, to be positive, to be considerate and caring, to be brave and to always tell the truth.

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