Thursday, 4 July 2013


It's interesting that in so many places people create hugely complex problems so that anyone looking to change things is discouraged by the enormity of the challenges they might face. I am always reminded of the line about how you might eat an elephant... one bite at a time! The real challenge we face is to break problems down into manageable bite-size chunks.

We can all make a real difference and we must always remember that actions speak louder than words. Whether it is care for the elderly, unemployment in young people, concerns about special educational needs and inclusion or the underachievement of looked after children; hard times and tough issues require bold ideas, big ideas, brilliant ideas. But while ideas are incredibly important the thing that really matters is action, and the impact and the outcomes we can achieve if we simply roll up our sleeves and do something. So don’t just talk about your brilliant ideas.. start now.. don’t wait for permission or find an excuse.. do something, do anything, risk anything, try anything to make that difference. Of course sometimes we will make mistakes, we'll get things wrong and sometimes muck things up big time.. but we must create a culture where we learn from our efforts and our mistakes and where we are driven by a genuine and passionate desire to make a difference for children and young people, for young adults and the elderly.

We must create a culture in our schools and our care system where we break down the walls and the barriers which limit creativity and stubbornly maintain the status quo and limit our opportunities to make that step change in outcomes. We must network, learn and build on the real excellence in the system and challenge the systems and hierarchies that nourish and perpetuate the irrelevant, the second rate and the simply dreadful.

What have you done in the last week the last two hours the last meeting to challenge the culture of 'can't do', to cut out the rubbish, to knock down the walls, to focus on the things that really matter and to do the things that will really make a difference! We can all make a real difference, so what is holding you back…just do it!

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