Monday, 21 July 2014


Together we must develop a toolkit of techniques, tips and strategies which can build brilliant learning in brilliant learning places to achieve extraordinary results.

We need to continue to reflect, think, focus and stick to what really matters; leadership, vision, positive behaviour, discipline, focus, passion, engagement, creativity, partnerships, relationships, persistence, determination and hard work. We need to continue the conversations, build the relationships and the trust and not be distracted by those who argue that everything we have achieved over the last fifteen years was rubbish. Over those incredible years ordinary colleagues in so many places achieved the extraordinary and transformed outcomes, schools and lives!

The work of schools and the National Strategies on literacy, numeracy, learning to learn, attendance and behaviour had, and is still having, a massive impact and has left a vital legacy of toolkits and strategies that work. Research and work on how the brain works, positive psychology, Investment in Excellence, STEPS and parenting has changed lives and transformed teams, families and individuals. Work on coaching and mentoring has developed ambassadors and role models for so many talented young people with latent potential and magic who just need encouragement and personal support. Work on creativity, innovation and enterprise has created vibrant and exciting learning connected to real life and the world of work.

We must have the courage to continue to tell our stories about this work and to build brilliant learning and brilliant learning places to deliver a vision for the future and for 21st century learning. And increasingly we must create the environment and the culture to inspire our children to become artists, inventors, scientists, doctors, designers, learners, mathematicians, teachers, storytellers, caregivers, consolers and big picture thinkers... whatever it takes!

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