Thursday, 18 September 2014


While educationalists continue to argue about facts, knowledge, skills and what is really important, there is some common ground.
We all want children and young people to attend great schools and benefit from being taught in a collaborative, self-improving school system that is underpinned by evidence, research and intelligence about what works and where talented teachers and teams are constantly striving to ensure that all aspects of provision and practice are outstanding. To achieve this, schools need to be part of a strong and successful learning community where, whether local authority maintained or academies, there is a clear understanding that every school has something to share and something to learn from others. We need to develop a learning community where we share what works to ensure that children and young people experience outstanding education and where we work together to raise aspirations, raise expectations and raise achievement.  Having worked for ten years in a strong and successful public-private partnership I know that to achieve these ambitious goals, these schools and partnerships need challenge and support from partners which brings together the best of the public and private sectors to drive excellence in all aspects of provision.

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