Tuesday, 7 July 2015


I was in Sheffield today for a breakfast meeting with employers and colleagues from the various sectors involved in the Cutlers' Made in Sheffield scheme. We are meeting twice a year to review the progress we are making and to look at how we can continue to develop the work we have been doing. 
It was wonderful to hear David Grey, the current Master Cutler, and Doug Liversidge, who chairs the Cutlers' education committee, talk so positively and enthusiastically about what we have achieved. It was also deeply encouraging to hear what employers and colleagues involved in the scheme said about the young people recruited as ambassadors for the various employment sectors and the impact these wonderful young ambassadors are having in the workplace.
Employers in ten key employment sectors, in the Sheffield City Region, led by the Cutlers' Company, have worked together with schools to develop a model that supports the delivery of the skills and behaviours that are essential for success in the world of work and success at school.

The Cutlers' "Made in Sheffield" Programme aims to develop strategies and approaches focused on academic and technical excellence, to develop higher level skills and abilities, to shape character, to develop resilience and grit and to nurture innovation and creativity. If you want to find out more about the work we are doing in Sheffield please let me know.

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