Monday, 7 September 2015


Back to school and back to interesting times! But don't despair because what I have learned over the last forty years and through working with extraordinary colleagues and extraordinary schools in Leicestershire, Merton, Wolverhampton, North Yorkshire, York, Leeds, Nottingham, Sheffield and Lincoln provides us with a framework for delivering brilliant schools and brilliant outcomes for every child and young person and every community!
So what have I learned? Intelligent evidence based approaches are needed!
  • We need a more intelligent approach focused on learning leadership, beautiful systems and intelligent accountability!
  • We need a more intelligent approach focused on what works: feedback, master coaching and deliberate practice! 
  • We need a more intelligent approach focused on partnership, collaboration, cooperation & networking. 
And, as local authorities disappear from school improvement, we need to reinvent the local middle tier to champion, challenge, network & encourage schools!

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