Friday, 18 September 2015


In 'Winners; and how they succeed' Alastair Campbell sets out the things he knows about winning. As Tony Blair's spokesman and strategist Campbell helped guide the Labour Party to victory in three successive general elections, and he's worked with an astonishing range of talented people - from elite athletes to top managers, from rulers of countries to rulers of global business empires.
Alistair Campbell is a journalist, writer, politician, lobbyist, broadcaster, sports enthusiast and family man who has faced his own demons, learned from his failures and worked through them.

His views on winning are not unique, but his extraordinary career has given him the opportunity to meet an exceptional range of people in politics, sport, business, media and the arts - and in this book he illustrates and summarises the key issues. With the right attitude and mindset, Campbell shows that successful people develop and maintain 'Objectives, Strategy and Tactics' with the key being to ensure that all three elements are kept as simple as possible. 

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