Thursday, 24 September 2015


Earlier this week, I attended the Induction Sessions at the Advanced Manufacturing Centre's Training Centre in Sheffield for the Cutlers' Engineering Ambassadors from Bradfield School, Handsworth Grange Sports College, Stocksbridge High School and Westfield School.
The Cutlers' "Made in Sheffield" programme is entering its fourth year. The Induction Sessions for the newAmbassadors has been organised and was delivered by John Barber and his team from Workwise and provided the Ambassadors with an opportunity to visit the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre and meet a production manager, apprentices and a young entrepreneur. The students also had the opportunity to walk around the Training Centre. It was a great day,;two well organised sessions focused around the skills, attitudes and behaviours the engineering companies in Sheffield City Region are looking for in their future employees. The Ambassadors are a great group of young people; bright, articulate and full of ideas. They behaved really well, asked great questions and started on their journey into engineering.
The Made in Sheffield Engineering programme, through visits to engineering and advanced manufacturing companies, challenges, projects and work experience, aims to develop these skills and attributes in the ambassadors and importantly to connect these skills to programmes of academic and technical excellence within the school curriculum:
  • 'character skills': responsibility, adaptability, resilience, determination and confidence; 
  • 'core skills': communication, literacy, numeracy, creativity and learning to learn;
  • Tony Wagner's 'higher level' skills: teamwork, critical thinking, problem solving, evaluating and organising.
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