Saturday, 19 December 2015


It's funny but once again this Christmas I realise that I have been incredibly lucky in life. It's not just that currently, touch wood, I am fit and healthy and still enjoying working with some amazing young people and colleagues in Sheffield. It's remembering all the wonderful people I have worked with over the years... in Leicestershire when I worked at Guthlaxton College teaching physics, science, maths and PE... in Merton at Rowan High School where I was Head of Science... in Wolverhampton where I started working as an inspector/adviser for science and technology... in North Yorkshire where I worked as a senior inspector/adviser, deputy chief adviser, chief adviser and assistant director... in York where I worked as assistant director, deputy director and director... and finally to Leeds where at Education Leeds I spent the happiest ten years of my career working as Chief Executive with some simply extraordinary people. It would be nice to get all the people who shaped my career and worked with me over the last forty something years together... if you are one of those people reading this... THANK YOU... it has been a privilege!

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