Saturday, 18 December 2010


This has now become my working blog where I will record my adventures, my stories and share what I have learned so that we can continue to share, network and learn together...

In Wolverhampton, North Yorkshire, York and for the last ten years in Leeds I have been working with some extraordinary colleagues releasing the magic in schools, in local authorities and in private companies.  I know how to do this and I know colleagues who can help wherever you are on the journey. I have worked with organisations large and small for the last twenty years and whether you want to look in your classroom, your staffroom, your school, your authority, your company or your organisation I can help you to go from ordinary to extraordinary.  

Nothing is impossible and if you think I could help you on your journey, I would welcome discussing any opportunities that there might be to work with you. I would love to use my experience of leadership development, cultural change and organisational development to help you release the magic... wherever you are and whatever it takes!

Keep the faith! 

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