Sunday, 12 December 2010


With the publication of the latest PISA research, the Schools White Paper and the changes that are happening to educational systems across the world, everyone seems engaged in a superficial and somewhat futile attempt to chase the answers to what makes brilliant, and to simply ignore the reality that educational policy and planning need to undergo significant change as we prepare for a new conceptual age ...

School systems internationally are wrestling with how we can educate for the new order; the new globalised economies, the creative and intellectual demands of new institutions and cultures, complex multilingual and multi-ethnic cultures and religions, and a more critical, informed and cosmopolitan population. Getting rid of beaureacracy, developing school-based accountability, encouraging the market, freeing up the curriculum and the powerful use of new technologies will help to address these problems but without fundamental consideration of teaching and learning and classroom practice we are stuck on our journey to outstanding.

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